We offer a large variety of services related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Our priority is always to provide a first-class response to any of our clients’ needs, custom-designing programs to be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.

We have MORE THAN 12 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE in the field and a firm belief in a future of sustainable development as the driving force behind every business operation.

Distributed Generation:

Installation of solar panels in residential, industrial and commercial throughout the Mexican Republic.
More than 400 installations in Mexico

Commercial and/or Institutional Representation:

Preparation of the commercial strategy, study of representation needs, preparation for and meetings with institutions, attendance at meetings, representation in transactions.

Renewable Energy Project Promotion and Management:

Management and promotion of third-party projects.

Processing of all permits and authorization necessary for project execution.

Strategic and Energy Efficiency Consultancy

Technological market surveys.

Project feasibility study.

Pursuing opportunities.

Strategic plan

Project management plan.

− Project purchase/sale assessment,